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Embrace the sustainable lifestyle and power the future with Aeromagnetics, the leading supplier of renewable energy in Hunter Valley. Save money with our extensive selection of off grid power systems for domestic and commercial purposes.

Find out how you can free yourself from the burden of rising utility costs by taking advantage of the power of sunlight, water, and wind.

Our specially designed solutions can revolutionize the way you perceive the environment around you.

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  • Renewable Energy Newcastle, Off-the-Grid Power Hunter Valley, Remote Area Power Supply Cessnock, Off-Grid Power Tamworth, Power Supply Consultation Maitland

    Keep the planet healthy and save on electricity

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Off-Grid Power Hunter Valley | NSW

You may already know about the ill effects of carbon emissions to the planet we live on. Now Aeromagnetics gives you the chance to finally do something about it. With our renewable power energy systems, you can save more money by lowering your electricity bills. But what’s even better is that you also do your bit for the planet by reducing pollution. Aeromagnetics will provide you with a range of options which will liberate you from conventional power sources. Use self-produced energy and forever be free!

Generate your own electricity and run your home appliances and lighting systems more efficiently. Let Aeromagnetics show you how to get started.

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Remote Area Power Supply From Newcastle to Cessnock

Aeromagnetics supplies renewable energy in Hunter Valley and throughout NSW. Being an advocate of alternative energy for the past 30 years, we have developed our own system designs. Our qualified solar technicians have improved the stability and efficiency of Stand-Alone Power Systems (SPS) and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Our expertise focuses on solar power energy, wind power energy, and micro hydro power. When you need someone to do power audits, you can rely on Aeromagnetics to do it for you.

Our product supplies and solutions are applicable to domestic and most commercial properties.

We offer the following:

  • Lithium Ion batteries from Victron Energy
  • Micro hydro power
  • Power Audits
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • FLA Batteries from LION
  • Solar Panels from REC and Aeromagnetics
  • Emergency power for sheds, homes, and commercial applications
  • Lumos Aeromagnetics with GEL Batteries from REGAL ELECTRO
  • Remote Area Power Supply
  • Off-the-Grid Power
  • Power Supply Consultation

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Power Supply Consultation From Tamworth to Maitland

Power the future with the renewable energy systems from Aeromagnetics. Our stand alone power supplies can save you money with continuous use. You can always expect affordable prices when you choose Aeromagnetics.

Our packages are well built, balanced, reliable, and easy to maintain. Whether you need a plug and play system or a hard wired power system, we can supply it for you. Call us today for recommendations.

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